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Wingman is a full-service sales, marketing & digital agency.


We deliver a complete outsourced marketing, creative & business development function to bolt-on to your technology business.


We combine turn-key marketing campaigns, beautifully creative brand design & digital services, and relationship-based consultative sales engagement to attract, engage and qualify new opportunities for your business.

What do you want to achieve today?

Whether you have a specific need or a range of sales, marketing or business development goals; we’re on-hand.

Give your brand a new spark?

Achieve a new lease of life for your marketing by refreshing your brand image, website, copy and marketing collateral.

Improve your web presence?

Attract more business with a new website, increase your Google ranking with SEO or educate your customers with engaging content.

Acquire more sales leads?

Get your growth on-track through building a pipeline and engaging qualified prospects that convert into tangible new business.

Stand-apart from your peers?

Be seen as the leader in your marketplace by producing unique and educational content marketing that talks to customers in their language.

Supporting your industry

A full-house of sales, creative & digital Wingmen, ready to fly alongside you in developing your business.

Unlike a general agency, we understand and convert otherwise industry-specific technical language into marketing messaging your prospects would understand. Our team were born and bred in technical sales and marketing roles – giving us a keen edge as your specialist marketing partner.


Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

MSP Marketing

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

SaaS Marketing
Internet Service Provider

Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

ISP Marketing

Our methodology

To generate the best results in identifying and qualifying new customer acquisitions for your product or service, we apply our tried and tested campaign methodology.


Our technical background permits us the ability to save time in getting up to speed with your business, but to best articulate your message in a language that best resonates with the target audience, we start by asking questions.

Our discovery process is focused on building an understanding of the pains, operational challenges and compliance obligations that your customers face. We then go onto explore how you help them solve those challenges – your benefits, what you deliver to improve their business – your features, and combine that theory with real world industry case examples of your methodology delivering success in practice.

Suspect List

Once we have worked together to identify the target personas of your ideal customer base, we will identify and source an initial block of contact details for the audience that will feature in our campaign outreach. Those contacts are added into the ‘top of the funnel’ to begin receiving outreach through our agreed forms of marketing or sales activity.

Until we know anything about this audience, they’re considered as ‘suspects‘. At this stage of the process, we do not yet know enough about them to sell intelligently and with any strength of qualification, so our primary focus during this phase of engagement is to make contact, build a profile of each suspect organisation and generate some awareness of your brand.

It is always perfectly possible that we will have the right timing and message during this first phase of outreach, in which case, we will qualify and line up further sales engagement for you with the prospective customer.

Suspect to Prospect

Through numerous engagements and rapport building, it will become more likely to acquire profiling answers and intelligence. Such information permits us the ability to qualify suspect organisations as target prospects – confirming that they meet the target persona criteria; and having identified future potential value in a business relationship, confirm the organisation worthwhile of receiving repeat marketing & sales energy (or not!).

Now being able to consider these targets as ‘prospects‘, we are afforded the luxury of being able to silo the contact into further more tailored messages, at intelligently timed intervals.


With prospect engagements so often being based on a timely approach, within the ongoing campaigning efforts, we collect insights that shine a light on a more appropriate future timeframe to re-engage with each target contact.

Ongoing campaign activities will still continue to nurture the prospect’s interest and maintain brand awareness ahead of the noted pipeline engagement date.


To generate awareness, share education, and to attract & nurture interest, we deploy a number of marketing mediums all built around a single campaign theme.

Once that campaign has run its course – we progress target prospects onto the next campaign in the series. Keeping communication fresh and relevant helps to ensure the avoidance of prospects suffering from fatigue in the marketing message.

Qualification & Handover

As potential opportunities surface from our ongoing campaign efforts, our team will qualify the scope, budget, timeframe and other vital factors to the best of our ability.

Prospect contacts will then be booked in for an appointment date/time (whether face to face, a video call or a phone call), the details checked and then handed over by our team for your further engagement.

Why Wingman?

Experienced Team

We have years of credible experience working in the trenches in sales & marketing of rapid-growth technical and professional service companies.


We deliver campaigns on a global scale - supporting clients in the UK, North America, EMEA and Asia-Pac.

Commercially Savvy

Many creatives live on cloudnine & operate without reasonable commercial awareness. Not us.

Tailored Service

One size does not fit all, which is why we take our expertise & insights and tailor it to your business.

Geeks at Heart

At Wingman we know and love the complex. We distil technical language into tangible marketing messages for you.


In an ever-changing world of legal data compliance, we pride ourselves in delivering GDPR complaint campaigns & projects.

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