CTM were founded in 1999 to specialise in Microsoft technologies and provide a complete, outsourced IT service including onsite and remote technical support, 24/7 system monitoring and supply of the latest hardware and software.

The Challenge.

CTM had ambitions of growth but lacked the expertise in house to make it possible. Like most MSPs they are tech led, their team are tech experts and are superb at the jobs they do unfortunately, they lacked the time, resources, and in-house expertise to know what the right course of action was to achieve the best return from their sales activities. 

"Wingman: the only sales/marketing activity that has ever delivered us with new business".

Rupert Davey, Managing Director


We have supported CTM with both IT Support (MSP) driven campaign activities, in addition to product-based sales for their 365 CSP product, Nimmbus.

CTM have a number of unique points in their value proposition, which we use in our messaging to differentiate their offering from a competitive marketplace.

Using our data-driven methodology, we acquired and built a quality database of target prospect organisations, from which we generate quality sales lead opportunities for the CTM team to engage and convert.


Our relationship with CTM has spanned over 2 and a half years, within which our efforts have been entirely focused on telemarketing.

During this time, CTM have experienced one of our fastest cold start to new client signed turnarounds – adding not one, but two new managed service clients within the first three months of our campaign activity. Despite this being a record for us, their campaign has consistently delivered lead opportunities with an average of 2 leads per month for IT Support / Managed Services.

The CTM team have a great structure and approach to managing their sales pipeline, seeing them often achieve an average lead conversion ratio of 1 in 3 – new customers to leads.

We currently deliver 7 days of calling a month to prospecting a specific target audience for the price competitive CSP offering, centered on Microsoft 365.

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