Evolve Computers.


Evolve Computers is a London based, IT Managed Service Provider, which offers high-quality services to a wide-variety of businesses – predominantly across London and the South East – that have a hunger to grow and develop, using technology as the driver. They build long-term relationships with customers based on trust and mutual success. 

The Challenge.

Evolve had an ambition to grow, they wanted to see tangible improvements in their sales and marketing activities but – being tech minded – weren’t sure how to, they wanted to stick to their company ethos of trust and mutual success so wanted to be sure they continued giving their customers a service they were happy with, whilst achieving their own goals simultaneously. 

They lacked in house expertise, the time, or the resources to do this successfully on their own and they needed our help. 

"Wingman have helped open considerably more doors for us to graft into new customers".

David Watson, Managing Director


Our data driven, multi-touch marketing methodology was required to build Evolve an audience of tangible prospects, generate awareness & motivation among those contacts, and start cultivating sales lead opportunities for further engagement.

When faced with two campaign approaches: laser-focused campaign specific niche, vs. mass-market large scale activity based on the success found in numbers; Evolve originally opted for the former. Despite taking to the Events sector with some gusto, as a niche to focus all our efforts upon, COVID soon hit and wiped out that whole plan.

To meet Evolve’s ambitious growth goals, it was agreed to alter the approach with a much larger budget and activity, approaching a broader range of non-industry specific businesses.


During our relatively turbulent campaign experience, having successfully navigated around COVID and persistent lockdown disruption, Evolve have seen a pretty consistent 4 leads per month target being met – out of their considerable budget of 21.5 days per month of telemarketing activity.

As time continues to progress, we expect to increase both the quantity and quality of opportunities generated from the pipeline; as relationships continue to build with the contacts we’re nurturing.

To-date (March 2022), Evolve have been engaged with 34 businesses, following 18-months of concerted effort.

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