Tristar Tech Solutions are a family run business based in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire. They specialise in many different aspects of tech, from the birth of Tristar Web solutions in 1999 and Tristar Web Hosting in 2002 to Tristar Support in 2005, they cover practically all aspects of IT. Now -to be sure that all potential and existing customers have a full understanding of what the company can offer they now come under the umbrella company name of Tristar Tech Solutions to create one port of call for all of your IT needs. 

The Challenge.

Tristar have faced challenges that many MSPs face, they are tech lead and – even though they have a part time sales rep in house – they lacked the expertise to know where to turn to be sure they were making the most of their marketing activities, they wanted to be certain they get a return from their investment and were going into the future in the most prosperous way as possible.

"The Wingman team really understand our business and are helping us reach towards our growth goals".

Hazem Megerisi, Managing Director


Our data driven, multi-touch marketing methodology was required to build Tristar an audience of tangible prospects, generate awareness & motivation among those contacts, and start cultivating sales lead opportunities for further engagement.

With such a broad range of services available in the Tristar portfolio – we lead a combination of content > email > telemarketing activities on rotation to best educate and engage the potential market across London and the Home Counties.


Tristar have seen a mixture of success from our campaign efforts pre, during and post-COVID – maintaining a successful average of 1.5 leads per month from their ongoing multi-touch activities. 

This lead conversion ratio is achieved from a relatively modest budget of 4 days of activity per month.

With competitive pricing, a structured sales process and our support, Tristar regularly achieve a conversion ratio of 1 in 3 leads becoming net new customers.

It's time to put your marketing on autopilot.

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