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Have the right impact at new prospect meetings

The face-to-face meeting, (or perhaps video call in this new socially distant climate!), has to be spot on. Not only to work for you and your sales process, but to give the best impression to the people who’s business you want to win.

So, what’s my winning structure for a new prospect sales meeting?

1. Get them to talk. People not only love to talk about their own business, but also to moan about their current supplier! Getting them to talk freely about their relationship and pain points arms you with all the talking points you need for the rest of the meeting

2. Probe specifics. If they don’t talk so freely or perhaps aren’t sure where to start, be armed with a check list of items you want to know about – ask questions about their current operation, their perceptions on the various service elements of their incumbent, as well as their infrastructure & IT services

3. Respond to each of the service issues they raise and explain your methodology, your commitment and SLAs – don’t forget your structure and systems that keep you ‘on task’ too

4. Pricing – remember to ask about their current billing model – what services they have and how they pay for it, ask if that works for them (why? – that insight allows you to ensure you can propose in a way they’ll comprehend – see ‘Apples vs. Apples or Pares’ article)

5. Set expectations & a next action – let them know when you can get back to them and in what form, but don’t forget to set a next action. Ideally pre-book a time to speak to talk through the proposal, which permits you time to adequately explain how it all works

Fancy a hand?

We’d love to help. We spend all day every day supporting technology service businesses with their sales & marketing challenges – from data and content to telemarketing.

If you are an MSP, ISP, SaaS provider or distributor, and if you are considering some support to propel your sales & marketing activity, please book in some time with us for a chat.


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