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Have time to pick up the phone to prospects?

There’s no point in going to all that marketing effort if you’re not going to follow it up.

Even for technology businesses, the human touch goes an awful long way in cultivating new business. There’s no other way to build a rapport, qualify a prospect, articulate your value and define a next action.

1. Set the call up first – Always notify prospects in your marketing messages that you have the intention of calling them, they can’t be shocked if you told them beforehand that you’re likely to call them in the coming days

2. Set a script – To ensure you stay on message and to keep you to process, make sure that you write yourself a little script first

3. Use a CRM – Keep a well structured cadence of activities within your CRM. Set achievable goals of follow-ups and always plan a next action

4. Ask questions – As much as you’d love them to be asking you questions and for them to tell you how much they need your service, but until they do, be busy asking them questions. Their answers will provide opportunity for you to not only learn about them, but for you to make statements highlighting the value you provide

Mouth gone dry?

We’d love to help. We spend all day every day supporting technology service businesses with their sales & marketing challenges – from data and content to telemarketing.

If you are an MSP, ISP, SaaS provider or distributor, and if you are considering some help to keep on top of all those prospects, please book in some time with us for a chat.


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