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How do you curate the perfect fit audience?

How do I curate a list of perfect fit prospects?

So, here’s how to get a data driven methodology into practice…

Build your audience, not just the market vertical or geography they fall into, but specifically who are they?

• Firstly, think of your target market – draw out their demographics

• Research the numbers – (easier in the UK with the likes of the Office for National Statistics), but you want to find from a variety of data sources (if need be) the number of potential customers that fit your target profile

• Within that data research – cherry pick out those (that on the face of it) look like potential target customers. Now if you have literally thousands of prospects, then that won’t be entirely feasible, but if you are able to get that level of granularity with your data – you’ll be sure to be marketing towards only the best-fit prospects AND ensuring that your message works with that specific audience

• Breakdown those prospects and ‘silo’ them by their similarities. Do you have batches of potential customers that match by location? Or by size? Or by industry vertical? Pool those together and build marketing messages tailored to suit each of those groups

Now you have your targets in your sights… you need to learn about them.

Get profiling

It’s great to have that audience mapped out, but without any insights into their needs or challenges, how can you be sure to get your marketing messages right?

• Identify what challenges do they face in their line of business
• What pains do they have that you can solve
• What loyalties do they have to your competitors

You’re far more likely to secure success if you can tailor your message, your timing and delivery – the profiling you complete will allow you to engage & sell more intelligently.

Right, let’s get our audience together…

We’d love to help

Wingman are a sales, marketing and digital agency that provides tailored services to businesses in the technology space. Whether you’re a SaaS brand wanting to propel your growth, you’re an MSP looking to expand your territory or you’re an ISP driving hard to grow; we can help.

To discuss your growth plans, please book a free, no obligation discovery call for hints, tips & tricks – and to hear a little more about how we can help you achieve your goals.

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