YouTube Video - Tech for non-tech buyers

How to make tech interesting to non-tech buyers

In our previous articles we explored what prospective buyers want to hear and how your messaging should be relevant.  

We are now going to tackle how you make tech solutions interesting to buyers who are simply not technical people, as explored in our recent video, linked here.

Its predominantly through education, education and education that you and your business can add value to this type of potential client. Recognising problems that they have yet to identify, simplifying complex issues into simplified solutions and where possible detailing any cost and time savings that implementation brings.  

In some instances, there is a need to sell twice, with cyber security for example many businesses still don’t take the protection of their digital footprint seriously, forcing MSPs like yourselves to first convince clients of the real threat, the value of investing in tackling that threat, and then why to take on your product or service.  

Tailored education is one of the best ways to guide people through the process, but only if you are able to demonstrate how you do that in words and terms that they will understand. If the education is relevant to them and their business they will understand appreciate and value your input. Of course, to provide a meaningful solution you must first identify and establish exactly what the problem is and its impact and effects.   

Why is there a problem and what impact is it having on the business?  

What are the implications of doing nothing? 

What are the benefits of doing something? 

What solutions are available? Is there more than one way to solve the problem? 

What examples do you have of helping clients out in a similar way. What benefits were shown etc? 

In essence what can you offer? 

If it’s not been said before make sure you end your education pieces with a call to action. Make it clear how your prospective clients can communicate with you and how any initial contact should be made. Thank you for reading, we hope the information in this article has been enlightening and helpful. If you are an MSP and are looking to grow, we would love to help.

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