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How to make your MSP marketing messages stick with prospects

In the previous article we explored how to approach your messaging, aiming for a solution-based message to specific operational and commercial challenges and not technical ones.

In this – the fifth article in the series – we dive a little deeper into research and how incredibly targeted you can be with your messaging and importantly how to make your marketing messages stick. As explored in our recent video, linked here.

Prospective buyers want to feel what we at Wingman refer to as ‘the warm blanket feeling’.  That comfort comes from speaking to a business that really understands them, is in sync with them, has thought through all the challenges and pitfalls that they may face on their journey and who thinks about solving their pains.

How can you be sure to impart that same feeling with your prospects?

Think about the challenges and questions we explored in the last article, the things that are in the minds of your prospective clients, the things that may hold their business back from growing as quickly as it might, or the potential chokehold their operational burden has on their profit margins. Your message should be aligned to these challenges and offer solutions. It should demonstrate how other clients have felt and how you’ve found a solution in the past that can help them today.

Take solicitors for example. Here in the UK Solicitors operate in a heavily regulated industry under a governing body called the SRA (the Solicitors Regulatory Authority). The SRA have power to enforce legislation and as such provide reams and reams of documentation on the processes and policies that law firms must have in place simply to be compliant.

One such regulation states that they must regularly assess the threat of cybercrime to their firm but how does your typical solicitor go about doing that? In this instance the regulation is ambiguous and therein lies the complexity and obscurity for someone that’s a qualified and highly educated solicitor and not a security, compliance or IT expert.

This does of course present you with your opportunity to define what does specifically apply to them and more importantly how you can provide a solution that eases, solves and removes such pains leaving them to do what they do best.

The last thing to consider is your other working relationships. In working to solve commercial challenges through the provision of tech you’ll almost certainly use additional tools and services that broaden and support your own offering. This gives you reason to approach specialist industry software platforms or cloud tools with a view to working together, share industry expertise and even run co marketing campaigns. This can only help raise the standing of both of your companies in your target sector.

Thank you for reading, we hope you found this information useful, if you are an MSP and are looking to grow, we would love to help, please get in touch with our expert team and see how we can help you.

In need of your MSP Marketing Wingman?

Thanks for reading our article. If you are considering the next steps for the growth strategy of your MSP and need an expert partner to help you with your sales and/or marketing, look no further. Wingman have been around the industry for years; we understand what makes an MSP tick and can differentiate you and your message in front of your very own marketing audience.

Check out our content marketing and sales telemarketing services, or book a call with us to learn a little more.


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