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Wingman is a multi-disciplined outsource agency, providing services with a technology bias to evolve those businesses in the technology service space with hunger to grow.


We utilise our years of technical sales & marketing experience to drive forward the growth of agencies & consultancies that develop and deliver CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems and solutions.



Profile, engage & nurture target prospects by phone.

Email Marketing

Attract & nurture prospects with engaging email content.


Rich, creative content for blogs, social media & collateral.

Creative Design

Illustration & graphic design for any digital or print need.

Direct Mail

End-to-end from design & print to distribution & follow-ups.

Web Development

Beautiful, SEO-compliant website development.

Complete Campaigns

Full multi-touch campaign delivery.

Social Engagement

Build brand recognition by directly engaging prospects.

Calling all CRM & ERP Consultants…

Are you looking to grow?

Our sales & marketing services

We operate a comprehensive full-house of services to suit the needs of any growth-hungry CRM / ERP Consultancies.


Gone are the days of simply lifting the phone & generating interest immediately – the world of technology is ever more competitive and complex. So, unlike many of our competitor agencies, we not only understand & hold hands-on experience in delivering B2B campaigns focused on technology; we continually evolve our client’s campaigns by using our industry insights to improve results.


We don’t operate campaigns blindly, that’s why we take a joined-up, strategised  approach to our campaign operation. Our focus is on three key pillars – brandattraction & engagement and nurturing.

Outbound Campaigns

We’re big advocates of data-driven marketing. We identify who are the right prospects for you, then engage & nurture them via ‘traditional’ marketing mediums; such as, direct mail, email and telemarketing.

Inbound Campaigns

Compete in the digital-space as a thought leader and educator. Drive traffic to your site, then nurture their interest through digital; with impactful social media, to-the-point emails and insightful & engaging blog content.

Digital Services

Stand-out from the bland competition with vibrant & professional branding, a slick website & meaningful collateral that best represents your ethos & values; across both digital and print marketing mediums.

Sales & Marketing Enablement

Do you have an in-house sales / marketing team? Get the best from your resources with cutting-edge tools & workflows to automate administration and provide useful metrics & analytics to run your business.

Our campaign methodology


Strong brand recognition in such a crowded market is vital, not only to your success, but survival.


We work to support the enhancement and promotion of your brand to increase awareness & trust. This is an important starting place before investing time & money on either an inbound or outbound marketing campaign.

Attraction & Engagement

Without a structured approach to firstly attracting, then engaging, prospective clients there will be little success from a campaign.


All of our inbound & outbound marketing campaigns are built on a set of consistent, thought-out and well timed activities to gain interest, trust and the ultimate sales conversion.


Technology sales are often about playing the long-game. Many valuable prospects are in contract, have long-standing relationships or simply aren’t interested at that moment in time.


This is why ongoing pipeline nurturing is absolutely critical beyond the initial attraction and engagement. We build a set of crafted touch points to maintain interest and ensure a strong chance of conversion when the time comes.

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