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How can we help you?

Looking for more managed services contract clients?

If you are looking to get in front of more prospective customers to demonstrate the value of your service – we can help. Discover how our Telemarketing bundles can work for you.

Want to improve your brand or website?

If you need to better compete digitally, require some brand assets or the production of frequent, engaging and educational content – we can help. Discover how our Content Marketing packages or (pay monthly) website development offering can work for you.

Need support for your internal sales or marketing team?

If you have either a sales or marketing function internally, and require outsource support to plug the gaps – we can help. One of our Marketing Packages or a Telemarketing Package will complete the picture.

Want to launch a new product or service?

If you have a custom requirement, or need a solo campaign to communicate the launch of a new product or service – we can help. Please arrange a discovery call with our team to explore the options further.

Marketing for MSPs

Wingman is a multi-disciplined outsource agency, providing MSP marketing, sales and digital services from years of front-line experience.

We utilise our years of technical sales & marketing experience to drive forward the growth of IT Support Providers, Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Value Added Resellers (VARs) and Service Integrators.

We understand your business

MSP Industry insight to power your growth

Partnering with an agency that understands your business, your services and your customers is absolutely fundamental to ensure the success of any MSP sales and marketing activity.


Wingman are a little different to other agencies – not only are we born out of years working on the front-line within the sector, we also remain plugged-in to supporting the wider MSP community; being incredibly proud to be affiliated with some of the community’s leading networks, including The Tech Tribe and CompTIA.


Our MSP industry insight not only saves our client’s time and resources, but provides unrivalled intelligence into the best methodology and strategy to drive growth and success from your MSP marketing activity.


Appreciating an MSPs challenges

Complex and drawn-out sales process

Converting technical language into commercial messaging

Building a credible audience of target customers

Consultative-lead approach to sales activity

Calling all MSPs…

Are you looking to grow?

Our MSP marketing, sales & digital services

We operate a comprehensive full-house of services to suit the needs of any growth-hungry Managed Service Provider (MSP) and IT Support businesses.


Gone are the days of simply lifting the phone & generating interest immediately – the world of technology is ever more competitive and complex. So, unlike many of our competitor agencies, we not only understand & hold hands-on experience in delivering B2B campaigns focused on technology; we continually evolve our client’s campaigns by using our industry insights to improve results.


We don’t operate campaigns blindly, that’s why we take a joined-up, strategised  approach to our campaign operation. Our focus is on three key pillars – brandattraction & engagement and nurturing.

Content Marketing

Digital Marketing


Email Marketing

Creative Design

Video Production

Marketing Data

Direct Mail Marketing


Fancy a chat?

We’d love to learn more about your MSP and explore how we can help you grow & evolve.

Our campaign methodology

Tailored MSP marketing messages delivered directly at your target profile prospective customers, to create awareness, build engagement and generate tangible business opportunities.

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The Three Pillars of MSP Sales & Marketing


Everything starts with discovering, building, engaging and profiling an audience. Without a tailored audience, how do you know the right people are listening to your marketing messages?


We work with you to identify the best-fit target prospect personas. Acquire the data. Conduct research and gather intelligence, which will form a pipeline of prospects for your MSP sales & marketing activity.


What messages best resonate with your potential buyers? Here’s a clue… it won’t be tech.


Considerable research and ground work is required to build campaign messages that will best resonate with your buyers, while ensuring you stand head and shoulders above your competition. Only by getting under the skin of your target audience, can you see that your MSP marketing messages speak their language.


We bring together a wide-variety of marketing & sales mediums to best reach out and nurture your target audience from suspect > prospect > lead.


A well-timed cadence of ‘multi-touch campaign activities’ are absolutely fundamental to securing success from what is often a game of playing the combination of ‘right message, right time, right place’.

  • Onboarding Image

    1. Onboarding & Setup

  • Data Image

    2. Data Profiling

  • Content Image

    3. Messaging & Creative

  • Delivery Image

    4. Multi-Touch Activity

  • Reporting Image

    5. Report & Enhance

How do we help you get started?

It can be difficult to know where to start…

Walk through the steps listed below, which are formatted ‘from the ground up’ – exploring firstly the foundations needed to start activity, right through to the broadcasting of focused MSP marketing & sales activity.

If you can answer no to one or more of these questions, please explore the associated service, which is hyperlinked, that will you get started.

If you can answer yes to one or more of these components – we’ll help you get flying more quickly with one or more of our MSP sales & marketing campaign activities.

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1. Do you have a marketing audience?

*Yes* : I have a curated list of prospects with insights & intelligence to focus your activity towards. If you already have a valuable and up-to-date audience list of good-fit prospects, we can drop them into our campaign activity, whether digital marketing, email or telemarketing.

*No* : I don't yet have an audience or it is not up-to-date and contains no value - we can work with you to source and build one.

Content Image

2. Do you have a marketing message?

*Yes* : I have presence within one or more industry sectors, already have my research completed and have well-defined the pains of our customers, the challenges we solve, how we solve those challenges and just need help in broadcasting that message.

*No* : I do not yet have presence established within one or more industry sectors and I have not completed any research or a strategy formed for my MSP marketing messages.


3. Do you produce and broadcast content and digital marketing campaigns?

*Yes* : I already have our content and/or digital marketing covered.

*No* : I don't have the time, resources or research to produce content or run digital marketing activities.


4. Do you have a sales force following-up with prospects?

*Yes* : I have a sales person or team and either, need help with supporting them with scale, or supporting them with content and digital marketing instead.

*No* : I do not have dedicated resource to engage and nurture prospects from a sales perspective.

Still not sure where to start?

Let’s talk.

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Our MSP marketing portfolio: in detail

Digital Marketing - Web Development, SEO, PPC & Social Media

To ensure the success of any MSP sales & marketing campaign, you need to start with a credible brand presence online. Whenever considering the purchase of any product or service, we’re all guilty of visiting the company’s website and social media to vet them. You could be the best in the business, but if your website doesn’t stack-up, you’ll be cast aside by prospective customers.

To excel above & beyond this challenge, we support Managed Service Providers with anything & everything that’s required to develop a sharp and engaging web presence – from graphics & layout to compelling content.

Further to building responsive & fast websites; ongoing support and management is delivered to not only maintain compliance to Google’s SEO best practice, but ensure your website is secure and functional.

Our Google certified team also help clients have the cutting-edge against their competition, with content, monitoring & maintenance provided to support both organic SEO rankings and PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns.


Even in the MSP space, people still buy from people. Nothing beats a human conversation to educate, answer questions and demonstrate the true value of your service compared to their incumbent MSP.

Want to ensure your product/service gets in front of your perfect-fit buyers? To ensure your campaign stands out above the competition and secures tangible sales opportunities, we start telemarketing campaigns with the sourcing of quality, well targeted data. Focused by specific geographies, size, industry and type of decision maker contact.

We then conduct a well structured campaign of telemarketing activity to build rapport, collect information, demonstrate value and progress opportunities to the point of closing a sale or to an appointment booked by us on your behalf.

Unlike our competition, we combine the power of highly tailored & personalised email communication alongside our calling activity. From our CRM, emails specific to the outcome of each and every call are sent to the prospect – maintaining consistency and professionalism, meanwhile increasing brand awareness & exposure with your target market.

Video Marketing

In the digital age, nothing says it better than a snappy video and no one sells it better than a fanatical customer. So why not combine the two?

We direct, record, edit and produce quality video content for use across your website and critically within MSP lead-generation & lead-nurturing campaigns.

Our well structured approach centres around a face-to-face interview style testimonial, collecting answers to pre-scripted questions formed off camera. This format avoids hours & hours of editing – ensuring we can provide a rapid turnaround on each video we produce.

Enhance your sales & marketing campaigns with the power of amazing video content, professionally created, but at the fraction of the cost of traditional video production.

Creative Design & Copywriting

To support the demand for quality, professional marketing collateral for print, digital and web; we provide you with a creative design service.

We pride ourselves on being able to capture your MSPs brand, tone and imagery in any new piece of design work we undertake. Fresh ideas and bold statements, supported by an appreciation and consideration for your core brand theme.

For any piece of design work, there is usually a need for quality content too. You’re in luck! We’re also copywriters, specialising in technical products & services – writing for both technical and non-technical audiences.

Much of our content work involves toning down the technical language used by many top-level vendors, converting it into engaging commercially-focused copy.

Email Marketing

Emails are annoying aren’t they? But they’re still a critical part of the success of any MSP sales & marketing campaign.

We’re strong believers in highly personalised and tailored content to each & every prospect you want to reach. If it’s not relevant, it’ll get ignored. If it even reaches their mailbox in the first place!

We produce and deliver well cadenced email campaigns with engaging content that provides the reader with comfort you’re the subject matter expert not only in your field, but in their particular line of business or industry.

Direct Mail Marketing

Just like fashion & hair styles, marketing moves in cycles too! The trusted old techniques, perhaps considered old hat and useless by many digital marketing purists, are coming back into fashion and generating much needed brand exposure with your prospective customers.

Aimed at well tailored & targeted data; we design, write, print, prepare and post quality & engaging direct mail content.

You may be surprised how cheap it is too! Operating direct mail campaigns at such large scale, permits us access to Royal Mail delivery rates far more cost effective than buying a book of stamps.

GDPR-Compliant Marketing Data

Need to get your message heard by the right audience? You need accurate, well-targeted marketing data lists to fuel a successful outcome from your next MSP marketing campaign.

We source, research, clean and profile marketing data to meet a vast array of campaign demands.

To kick your next sales or marketing campaign off to the right start, you can rely upon our GDPR-compliant data lists to get your message in front of the right target personas.

Industry insights