Kid with Plane MSP Telemarketing

Engaging prospects by phone to acquire intelligence, build rapport and generate sales opportunities.

Step 1: Need an audience first?

Content Marketing Basic

Prospect Builder

Unless you already have a qualified audience, it all has to start with acquiring data and building value in your focused audience.

£9.00/qualified record

Addressable market & strategy

We will help identify the scale and demographics of your local addressable market - understanding the potential opportunity available to you, will help shape your strategy and growth forecasts

Marketing data licensing

We source target organisations and contacts that fit your persona - free of any licensing restrictions. The data is yours for ongoing use without any limits.

Research & intelligence gathering

To add value and build a pipeline, we engage these suspect organisations to profile them - acquiring intelligence centred on a number of key profiling questions and qualification criteria developed with you

Human-to-Human rapport building

We engage these targets by phone to build a rapport and spot opportunities for further engagement and follow-up in the pipeline

Step 2: Have an audience ready to go?



If you have an audience and pipeline raring to go – or we have already built one for you – we can get going with sales activity to keep that pipeline nurtured and cream-off the opportunities when the message strikes or the timing falls right.

Telemarketing calling - (calls 2.5 times per prospect, per month)

We run multiple contacts attempts with your audience to reach the desired contacts, further the rapport, and continue to drive to spot pain and opportunities. Booking appointments / scheduling webinars or arranging meetings where possible.

Follow-up email

We automatically trigger follow-up template emails from our CRM, tailored to the outcome of each phone call. Emails, which we can track and follow-up to keep prospects engaged.

CRM & intelligence

To keep you abreast and plugged-in to the campaign progress, we provide you with access to our flagship CRM platform, RADAR, (developed by ourselves inhouse!).

Calling Lite

An appropriate budget to engage, follow-up and nurture a small pool of focused prospect targets.


Engage 200 pipelined prospects @ £915/month

Calling Premium

An appropriate budget to engage, follow-up and nurture a slightly larger pool of focused prospect targets.


Engage 500 pipelined prospects @ £2200/month

Custom Campaign

If your requirements don’t quite fit these packages – not a problem! We can build something specific to your audience and campaign message.

Need something unique? Let’s talk!

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What’s telemarketing?

Even in this digital age, people still buy from people. To sell a complex, relationship-based contractual commercial arrangement, a human needs to be involved in the process to close it – so why not get a human involved from the start to increase your lead acquisition and conversion?



We understand it is often a challenge for MSPs to find the time & resources to dedicate to pursuing the volume and scale required to make telemarketing successful, which is why we take care of the entire process for you.



Unlike other agencies, we understand the technology service space and thrive in distilling technical language into commercial messages; ensuring your sales speaks the same language as your prospects.

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Why Wingman?

No conflict

Despite supporting a reasonable number of MSPs, we have the integrity to not take on two campaigns in the same territory at the same time

Quality audiences

We source and cultivate raw data to turn it into a credible pipelined audience for your marketing

Industry expertise

We take ownership of the entire process for you, because we have years of hands-on market experience

Leading the charge

Technically-accurate, commercially aware tactics entirely generated without us having to pester you for your thoughts & ideas

We see what works

With the insight that comes only from vast exposure across many MSP markets, we can spot what works and inject that life into your campaign

It’s time to put your MSP telemarketing on autopilot.

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