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Lead Stages and Grades

Lead Stage

Where is this lead in the pipeline?

A lead is also graded by its stage in the pipeline. The grades of lead stage are:

– Pending: leads which are yet to be researched and cleaned – these records have yet to enter any campaign activity

– Uncalled: cleaned records, waiting for its first calling engagement

– Not Yet Qualified: leads which are active in a campaign, however have yet to meet qualification criteria

– Qualified-In: leads that have met qualification criteria and are receiving ongoing nurturing

– MQL: leads (with a qualified contact and identified potential opportunity) for further engagement and qualification by our client

– SQL: leads (with a qualified contact and opportunity) for sales engagement by our client

– Qualified Out: leads qualified out as they fail to meet qualification criteria

– Omission Request: decision maker contact has requested omission per GDPR

Lead Grade

What is the score of this lead?

A lead is graded automatically by the CRM based on a number of metrics, which are met by a prospects’ response to the series of our profiling questions. The lead is also automatically re-graded based on progression in time with metrics such as contract end date.

The grades of lead are:
– Hot
– Warm
– Qualifying
– Cold

Our team start their day by engaging leads in order from the hottest to the coldest.

First Time Login


Visit https://radar.wearewingman.co.uk to login.

Enter your username and password, then click ‘Sign in’.

The first time you log into the system you will be asked to confirm your system preferences for Language, Time Zone and the formatting of Dates within the system.

Click “Get Started” once you have confirmed your preferences.

Preferences Box


The welcome screen shows a Dashboard of activities and campaign performance across a number of metrics as explained below.

*Please note that these metrics may not be applicable to your campaign activity – subject to your agreement or services that we provide to you*.


The hub of all activity within the CRM is the Organisations list. From within the Organisations detail view you’ll be able to see all engagements and marketing activities taking place with each prospect company, as well as answers to profiling questions, notes or callbacks booked.

Organisation Lists

Organisation Record – Summary Tab

Organisation Record – Details Tab

Organisation Record – Recent Updates Tab

Organisation Record – Contacts Tab

Organisation Record – Opportunities Tab

Organisation Record – Callbacks Tab

Organisation Record – Emails Tab

Organisation Record – Campaigns Tab

Organisation Record – Calls Tab

Organisation Record – Comments Tab


This section lists all of the individual target contacts that work for the prospect organisations. Opt-out preferences from a GDPR compliance perspective are managed here – as the personal data rule applies to individual people and their contact information, as opposed to the target organisation.


This section lists all of the MQL (Marketing Qualified Leads) and SQL (Sales Qualified Leads) generated from your campaign. All of these leads will have been handed over to you by email for further engagement.

Opportunity Record


This section shows which campaign messages have been undertaken or are in progress. The active campaign message dictates the drip email campaign messages being delivered to prospects.

Campaign Record

Campaign Steps Record


This section lists all of the calls made to a particular target prospect organisation.

Call Record