Wingman is a multi-disciplined outsource agency, providing services with a technology bias that are bundled into two key areas.


We utilise our years of technical sales & marketing experience to advance the growth of businesses operating in the technology service space.


Wingman is also an advocate of the ‘new work’ movement – consulting with SME businesses across the UK to free them from old ways of working, and integrate efficient, automated & cost-effective tools for the future.

Calling Managed Service Providers & SaaS Operators…

Are you a technology service business looking to grow?

Our sales & marketing services

We operate a comprehensive full-house of services to suit the needs of any developing technology service business.


Gone are the days of simply lifting the phone & generating interest immediately – the world of technology is ever more competitive and complex. So, unlike many of our competitor agencies, we not only understand & hold hands-on experience in delivering B2B campaigns focused on technology; we continually evolve our client’s campaigns by using our industry insights to improve results.


We don’t operate campaigns blindly, that’s why we take a joined-up, strategised  approach to our campaign operation. Our focus is on three key pillars – brandattraction & engagement and nurturing.


Profile, engage & nurture target prospects by phone.

Email Marketing

Attract & nurture prospects with engaging email content.


Rich, creative content for blogs, social media & collateral.

Creative Design

Illustration & graphic design for any digital or print need.

Direct Mail

End-to-end from design & print to distribution & follow-ups.

Web Development

Beautiful, SEO-compliant website development.

Complete Campaigns

Full multi-touch campaign delivery.

Social Engagement

Build brand recognition by directly engaging prospects.


Strong brand recognition in such a crowded market is vital, not only to your success, but survival.


We work to support the enhancement and promotion of your brand to increase awareness & trust. This is an important starting place before investing time & money on either an inbound or outbound marketing campaign.

Attraction & Engagement

Without a structured approach to firstly attracting, then engaging, prospective clients there will be little success from a campaign.


All of our inbound & outbound marketing campaigns are built on a set of consistent, thought-out and well timed activities to gain interest, trust and the ultimate sales conversion.


Technology sales are often about playing the long-game. Many valuable prospects are in contract, have long-standing relationships or simply aren’t interested at that moment in time.


This is why ongoing pipeline nurturing is absolutely critical beyond the initial attraction and engagement. We build a set of crafted touch points to maintain interest and ensure a strong chance of conversion when the time comes.

Calling businesses looking to drive efficiency & change…

We can help with a new way to work

Our digital transformation services

Sitting with a foot in both camps between technology & commercial, we hold the broad experience required to consult businesses looking for a new way to work.


Wingman are advocates of the ‘new work’ concept – best leveraging technology to drive efficiency, collaboration and communication within businesses.


This change is achieved through tools including automation, cloud & cutting-edge communication services; alongside the right level of customisation, training & support for end-users to successfully adopt & embrace the new work change.


We don’t deploy change for change sake. There are many, many tools & features available that must be tailored appropriately to your businesses working practices. We therefore structure our projects on three key pillars – analyse, customise and train & support.

Remote Working

Work from anywhere as though you're sat in the office.


Leverage technology to automate manual processes.

Kill Data Entry

Heavily cut-down on repetitive data entry.


Get your team talking & sharing. Cut down on email.


Work together seamlessly & quickly.


Ensure your data is compliant & secure.

Service & Sales

Improve your customer service & sales workflows.


Get information & insights into what's really going on.


The traditional ‘IT approach’ is to throw technology at businesses and users, then hope for the best. Regardless of the solution receiving any tailoring to that business, or being fit-for-purpose at all in the first place.


We conduct analysis of business practices & workflows, studying where weak-links exist, and identify use cases where technology could bring considerable efficiencies through automation.


Once we have identified how you work, what you think needs to change and what could & should change with the help of technology; we can set about tailoring it to you.


Technology is all about logic – so we must start from a foundation of logical workflows. This start, helps us to build true value from your automation, and ensures that tools will be easy-to-use and are familiar for your team.

Train & Support

What’s the point in having all the tools, and yet no one wants to adopt them?


It may take time to push fundamental work change through your business. To ensure as smooth of a transition as possible, we deliver jargon-free training and support to deliver the end-user adoption your business needs.

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