Why should we be your Wingman?

Industry experience

Our founder, Dave, spent a number of years of his career working directly within the tech sector in sales & marketing roles. He stepped away from the industry in 2017 to form Wingman as an agency tailored to helping technology providers tackle the same growth challenges, which Dave saw during his time in the sector.

Since then, our team have years of credible experience working in the front-lines of delivering marketing within the tech space.

On the numbers

Numbers mean everything in business, so why shouldn’t they form a part of your growth strategy too?

From quantifying the market opportunity, to setting sales targets, and ROI measurement – everything we do is logically based on the numbers.

It is common for those in the marketing space to have their heads in the clouds, but we’re a little different.

Tailor made to fit you

What’s the point in marketing yourself as the same as your competition? This is why we will help you to identify what makes your business, proposition and approach unique.

We then take the headache out of that process for you, developing the marketing message, content, creative and campaign execution.

Despite many in the sector, everything that we prepare is created uniquely for your business from the ground-up.

You, not your competition

A common challenge we hear from those in the tech space, is that their agency is supporting their competition. There’s nothing worse than having the same marketing collateral, just in your colors.

We pride ourselves on the integrity of supporting only one of the same type of business per territory – so rest assured, we won’t be running campaigns for your competitors.

Your marketing challenges.

It's time to put your marketing on autopilot.

Our industry insights

Where to begin?

Forming targets?

Budgets & ROI?

For more of our tried and tested recipes for how to grow your business with the right sales and marketing, check out our YouTube channel.

Did you know?

  • Where did the name originate?

    Well it's a little bit of a geeky backstory...but our founder, Dave, is a private pilot. He really wanted to link something of aviation with the business' name. Originally thinking that Propeller would be a fit, until we found that's been done a few times already. Realizing that we act as the 'Wingman' to our clients, the name stuck!

  • How did the business start?

    While working as a Sales & Marketing Manager within an MSP, Dave was trying to find an agency that understood the business and could help. But he had no such luck! Many marketers would simply waste time, so the only answer was to do the work himself. Then *ping* the idea hit - "this is a problem for us, so must be a challenge for other MSPs too...", Dave realised. Upon leaving the sector in 2017, Dave then rapidly went onto establish Wingman as the go-to agency that can truly understand and help MSPs overcome their growth challenges.

Let's talk.

We would love to hear about your marketing growth goals & challenges, and show where we can help.

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