The Whitepaper

Welcome, if you’re looking for inside knowledge into the MSP world… you’re at the right place!

Our recently released Whitepaper is full of the facts, figures and opinions on the marketing of IT Support & Cyber Security; and the strategy you need to implement today.

Developed by the team at Wingman – a sales, marketing & digital agency that tailors services specifically to Managed Service Providers (MSPs).

So, sit back, relax and remember; Never Fly Solo.

The Foreword

Who we are and why we feel you should trust our knowledge…

This white paper has been developed by us from our years of hands-on experience delivering campaign success in the MSP industry.

With a high percentage of our clients being Managed Service Providers, Value-Added Resellers and Cyber Security Practices; a considerable volume of data has been amassed over recent years that has been used to build the facts produced in this paper.

We are incredibly passionate about the markets we serve and knowing them as well as we do, we appreciate the broad gap that exists in regard to sales & marketing. As an agency, we have developed our niche to fill this gap, but only through partnership with our clients can we deliver true success.

The Market

Now to the juicy part… we plan to demonstrate the developing trends within the market we’ve identified from our evidence, how MSPs can best adapt for an evolving client base and the approaches to take where all things marketing & sales are concerned.

Are the golden days over?

As an agency, we engage in conversations with over 8900 prospective customers, on our clients’ behalves, each & every month. Aiming specifically at their IT Support arrangements & IT Services. As a lot of this work is cold engagement, we’re collecting market research data to silo these contacts for re-marketing.

Time for the figures… almost certain we’ll catch your attention with these.

72% of small-midmarket businesses tell us they outsource and are in contract; 98.7% of those tell us that they are loyal or very happy with the service they receive from their current MSP; and a growing 28.9% tell us they cover their IT ‘fully in-house’ between adequately skilled resource or have no formal IT function whatsoever.

So the market is most definitely still there, but the way they’re buying IT services is changing… and so is the approach & effort required in winning their business.

The Opportunity in Cyber Security

As you’ve probably heard… 14,000 times already… cybersecurity is a rather hot topic.

We’re all convinced that Cyber Security is the ‘next big thing’ in the arsenal that MSPs can take to market. Vendors are pushing their products, legislation (through the beloved GDPR), is steering business the right way and the press is scaremongering people into taking it more seriously… but is that enough to generate a ready-to-go market for us to sell into?

You bet it isn’t.

“What else do we have to do?!”, I hear you groan.

Amazingly, despite all of this effort by all of these powers, SME business owners think they’re invincible. Fact. 98.2% of the small-midsize businesses we have engaged through security focused campaigns, tell us they “have it all covered” in relation to their defences.

Yeah… of course…

Education is key in warming up businesses to the concept of investing time & money into Cyber Security, just as I’m sure traditional physical security vendors had to do years ago when CCTV was a new concept!

The Summary

“All the fluff is great, but what do I do next?” I hear you ask.

Well personally, I’d download this astounding MSP Marketing Whitepaper and find out; it’s full of content and insights that may have never crossed your mind.

Once you’re impressed by that, why don’t you give us a call?

We are Wingman: Never Fly Solo

If you have some marketing challenges to overcome or wish to explore some options – let us know, we’d love to have a chat.

Speak to us today through our contact page: Contact Us


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